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Sankanac CSA

Chester County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Erin Throop
1852 French Creek Road, Phoenixville, PA 19460
Phone: (610) 495-7295

About Us:

Our organic and biodynamic 15-acre garden, located in Kimberton, Pennsylvania (about 45 minutes from Philadelphia) operates as a 300 member CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We offer shares in the garden at the beginning of each season and shareholders receive their portion of the harvest each week.

In the garden we grow a diverse seasonal mix of vegetables, flowers, melons, herbs, and berries and also tend a small herd of mixed livestock (draft horses, sheep, goats, and donkeys). Head gardener Todd, and his wife, Mary, oversee this enterprise with a crew of over 10 gardeners (including individuals with special needs, apprentices, service volunteers, and interns). We are deeply committed to the use of biodynamic methods, which allows us to strengthen our fragile ecosystem as well as to provide food of the highest quality to our local community. Activities in the CSA include plant propagation, greenhouse management, pruning, crop cultivation, harvesting, tractor and equipment operation and maintenance, irrigation, livestock management, composting, and making/using the biodynamic preparations.

We offer a 24 week share. Members can choose to purchase either a full or partial share depending on their personal needs. A full share is designed to feed a family of about four; a partial share to feed a couple, or a veggie loving individual. The cost for a full share is approximately $786 and a partial share is approximately $450.

The season begins in the greenhouse in early February. We grow transplants from seed (some of our own seed) then move on to the outside garden work in mid to late March to sow the first crops, make compost and address general spring clean-up. April and May are spent cultivating the fields and transplanting the greenhouse starter plants and further direct seeding the necessary crops. By the beginning of June we've begun harvesting and shepherding our CSA activity. As fall arrives we are making the biodynamic preparations and sharing this activity with other gardeners in the area. November brings the main summer season to a close with much stored away in the root cellar for the winter months. However, our work continues on through the winter as we plan and prepare for the season ahead, fix tools, repair fences, and collect manure from local farms to make compost for the coming season. And so the cycle continues.

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Business Hours:

12.00 - 8.00 
12.00 - 8.00 

May  - November 

Classification of Business:


  • Ag Products - Organic - Retail/Wholesale
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)




  • Raw Milk

Flowers And Foliage

  • Cut Flowers
  • Sunflowers


  • Melons - Fresh Market


  • Hogs And Pigs

Meat Products

  • Pork
  • Sausage

Row Crops

  • Potatoes


  • Arugula - Fresh Market
  • Asian Greens - Fresh Market
  • Beans - Fresh Market
  • Beets - Fresh Market
  • Broccoli - Fresh Market
  • Brussels Sprouts - Fresh Market
  • Cabbage - Fresh Market
  • Carrots - Fresh Market
  • Celery - Fresh Market
  • Chard - Fresh Market
  • Corn - Sweet
  • Cucumbers - Fresh Market
  • Eggplant - Fresh Market
  • Endive - Fresh Market
  • Escarole - Fresh Market
  • Garlic
  • Herbs
  • Kale - Fresh Market
  • Lettuce - Fresh Market
  • Mesclun - Fresh Market
  • Okra - Fresh Market
  • Onions - Fresh Market
  • Peas
  • Peppers - Fresh Market
  • Pickles - Fresh Market
  • Potatoes - Fresh Market
  • Pumpkins - Fresh Market
  • Radicchio - Fresh Market
  • Spinach - Fresh Market
  • Squash - Fresh Market
  • Tomatoes - Fresh Market
  • Turnips - Fresh Market
  • Zucchini - Fresh Market

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