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Bird Song Winery

Sullivan County, Pennsylvania
Contact: John Crane
RR 4, BOX 4012, Dushore, PA 18614
Phone: (570) 928-7170

About Us:

We are a family winery in Sullivan County, the heart of the Endless Mountains Region, between Ricketts Glen and Worlds End State Parks. We carefully tend our vineyards, respecting Mother Earth, practicing low-impact farming.
Years of research went into today's planting decisions. Sullivan County has been compared to the Alps. Our mountain micro-climate affords the opportunity to grow specific types of cold hardy grape varieties developed in the US and Canada but not typically seen in Pennsylvania. We're carving out an identity separate from other nearby wine regions.
We look forward to sharing the fruits of our labors with your family!"We believe in the quality of our wine, and our 'down home' atmosphere. All of our wines are produced from Pennsylvania grapes. Since 1995 we have been working to develop a wine growing region in the unique microclimate of the Endless Mountains using varities adaptable to a short, cold growing season. Some of our grapevines could withstand up to 47 degrees below zero."
The family steeps itself in vintner tradition and culture extending back 7,000 years, particularly the concept of 'Terrior.'
Terrior basically means a wine's style, taste and flavor reflect the climate and minerals in the soil as components of its flavor. Flavors are unique to grape varieties and specific place.
Although vintners have farmed in much the same way as the Crane family since before recorded history, some of the monitoring techniques they use are cutting edge technology.

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