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DeWitt Nursery

Columbia County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Bucky DeWitt
271B Yost Hollow Road, Berwick, PA 18603
Phone: (570) 204-0440

About Us:

For 10 years, DeWitt Nursery has been planting, tending, and harvesting prime quality ornamental trees. Each year, new varieties are selected and planted, with a large base of traditional plantings in place. We maintain and sell Kousa dogwoods from four feet tall to twelve feet tall, with all sizes available throughout the season. Additionally, there are plantings of Red twig dogwoods, clumps up to four feet. We offer Ornamental spruce (Growdy, semi-dwarf)in all sizes up to eight feet. There is a large selection of hardy American arbor vitae in sizes ranging from four to eight feet and also Emerald arbor vitae up to four feet tall. There are plantings of white birch, tree and clump varieties, up to twelve feet. Projected stands of Little Teddy arbor vitae will be offered, as well as Japanese red maples, and weeping Japanese maples.
All trees have been carefully cultivated to be free of disease and parasites common in nursery stock, and are guaranteed healthy for one growing season. We sell individual trees, or lots of trees, and offer buyers the choice to tag future crops to reserve nursery stock.

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Business Hours:

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Trees & Shrubs

  • Ornamental / Landscaping

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