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Clover Creek Cheese Cellar, LLC

Blair County, Pennsylvania
Contact: David Rice
5161 Clover Creek Road, Williamsburg, PA 16693
Phone: (814) 832-3755
Facebook page:
our cows' milk Greek-style cheese

our cows' milk Greek-style cheese

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About Us:

We are a family farm located on scenic Clover Creek in Central Pennsylvania. Our farm is 126 acres of pasture and woods. We milk 60-80 Milking Shorthorn, Jersey, Ayrshire, and cross-bred cattle, rotating them to fresh pasture at least after each milking. We milk in a New Zealand style swing parlor, and the whole family (Dad, Mom and 5 children) is involved in the operation. We plan on our cows calving in March and April and eating the majority of their ration as pasture. In the winter they are fed grass hay. We sell raw milk from the farm and grass-fed beef.

We built our own cheese plant in 2007 and now have our own farmstead artisan raw milk cheeses for sale. Our cheese is not another push button cheese. Each vat is filled slowly, using a stainless steel pipeline direct from the milking area as the cows are being milked. Cultures are then carefully added and the milk is gently stirred by hand, not beaten by stainless steel paddles. After the right amount of time, rennet is added following the age old tradition of making great farmstead cheese. After coagulation, the curds are quickly cut, allowed to rest and heal, and then gently stirred by hand. The curds are eventually packed into molds and pressed by hanging weights for the allotted time. Cheeses are then aged in one of our climate-controlled cellars, on locally grown wood shelving. Instead of suffocating them in plastic, they grow a natural rind that gives additional character and flavor to the cheese. At just the right time, we remove them, package them, and sell them to discriminating customers. Welcome to the taste and quality of true farmstead artisan cheese! We hope you enjoy our cheese as much as we enjoy making it!

Our cheese varieties include:

Galen's Good Old ~ our own Gouda
Smoked Galen's ~ our own Gouda marinated in distilled smoke
Royer Mountain ~ our one-year-matured Romano
Clover ~ our cellar-aged mild cheddar
Four Leaf Clover ~ our cellar-aged one-year-matured cheddar
Bruschedda ~ our basil, garlic, and dried tomato cheddar
Uncle Joe's ~ our aged asiago
Winemaker's Select ~ our mild asiago soaked in Cabernet Sauvignon
Wild Mushroom ~ our chanterelle mushroom and chive flavored cheddar
Pirate Blue ~ our blue cheese
Alpha & Omega ~ our cows milk feta

Cheese can be sent through USPS or UPS during cool weather. Check out our website for pictures of our cheese and monthly updates from the farm!

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Business Hours:

9am - 6:00pm 
9am - 6:00pm 
9am - 6:00pm 
9am - 6:00pm 
9am - 6:00pm 
9am - 6:00pm 

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  • Cattle And Calves

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