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Four Points Alpacas

Butler County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Christina Schrader
The Inn at Four Points B & B, 6187 Brown Road, Butler,, PA 16002
Phone: (724) 586-9677
Facebook page:
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Good Morning...

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About Us:

We are an Alpaca breeding farm. Our services include Alpaca breeding, animal sales and brokering and Alpaca boarding or agistment. We also offer a farm stay vacation experience. We have a private four room guest house/bed & breakfast so customers can stay and experience the farm lifestyle. In addition to the guest house we have a retail clothing store on the farm called AlpacApparel. We specialize in Alpaca clothing and accessories, some made from yarn from our own Alpacas. We also offer, for sale, raw fleece, skeined yarn and roving for the home knitter and spinner. We encourage farm tours for young and old alike. Come and see, firsthand, these loveable South American animals that have been domesticated for 6,000 to 7,000 years. The Alpaca was originally used as a status symbol in the Inca society. Alpacas produce one of the world's most luxurious fibers which come in 22 natural colors, more than any other fiber producing animal. The fleece was used to make clothing which was reserved for the royalty within the society. Today we shear the Alpaca once per year, usually in the spring, with no harm being done to the animal. The raw fiber is then milled and turned into either felting, roving or yarn. From these products fine Alpaca clothing is made. Alpaca fiber is stronger, lighter, warmer and softer than wool. It has a hollow core, so it is a natural insulator. Alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin which attracts allergens and dirt that cause itching and other reactions associated with wool. History tells us that there is documented proof of Alpaca garments that are more than 2000 years old. Schedule a visit to our farm to see these gentle creatures.

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Business Hours:

12 am - 6 pm 
12 am - 6 pm 
12 am - 6 pm 
12 am - 6 pm 
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8 am - 6 pm 

Open all year

Classification of Business:


  • School Tours


  • Ag Products - Retail Only
  • Farm Stay


  • Animal Breeding
  • Animal Production
  • Animal Products - Felting
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Farm Vacation



  • Other

Misc Animal Products

  • Felt
  • Fiber - Processed - Yarn
  • Fleece


  • Other

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