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Twin Oaks Dairy LLC.

Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Dorothy M. Pastor
8660 Findley Road, Mercersburg, PA 17236
Phone: (240) 367-0872

About Us:

We are a large dairy farm that incorporated into a partnership over three years ago. We have been seperating our manure solids at one of our farms for three years and we started composting our manure solids since the spring of 2004. We are currently marketing our compost to landscapers and nurseries.

Our compost is a stable compost with a consistent analysis of 1%/1%/1% NPK. Our compost may be used as an excellent soil amendment or soil conditioner. We do not vary our initial feedstocks from pile to pile so you will receive a very consistent compost from us. We use an in-vessel compost system which is all under roof. Our forced aeration system forces air through our active compost piles for a minimum of six weeks. The blowers are on a timer and automatically turn on based on the pile temperatures and environmental factors. We keep daily temperatures on our active composting piles and exceed all regulations for pathogen and weed seed kills.

Compost is a very unique product in that it brings to the table not just a balanced NPK, but it is also contains over 61% organic matter. High organic matter has a unique ability to hold nutrients close to the plant's root zone for improved nutrient uptake. Humic acid (found in compost at a high level) holds 3-5 times more nutrients than just plain soil.
Additionally, 97% of the nitogen is in the form which is slowly released into the soil over time. This source of nitrogen will not leach out in heavy rains but remains available to plants months and even years later.

Our compost can be used as a starter fertilizer which will not harm the young roots of growing plants. It is a stable product so it will not compete with nutrients in the soil for young growing plants.

Research has shown that composts in the mesophilic temperature ranges (<105 degrees Farenheit to ambient temperatures) exhibit unique qualities including beneficial fungi and bacteria which improve plants' resistance to diseases. In addition, many fungi and bacteria found in compost have the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen and convert it into forms the plants can use. This process can help decrease the amount of chemical fertilizers that need to be applied.

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