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Friendship Farms, Inc.

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Naomi, Mike or Joe Costello
Route 130 and Deeds Road, RD 1, Latrobe, PA 15650
Phone: (724) 423-8727

About Us:

Friendship Faarms is committed to providing healthy, natural, premium quality food and agricultural products. Located at the foothills of the Chestnut Ridge, in the Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania, the family farm has been producing quality beef for more than 30 years. In 1992, Friendship Farms started wholesaling breads, pastries and other products. The company purchased two French hearth ovens and began baking bread daily and delivering it to select stores throughout the Pittsburgh area. Emphasizing quality, purity and healthfulness, only natural ingredients are used. Untreated, unbleached flours, organically grown whiole grains and seeds, dried fruits and herbs, spring water, canola oil, honey, butter, brown sugar and pure maple syrup are blended into various combinations to create the unique bread varieties for which Friendship Farms is renowned.

Having the bakery on the farm has allowed Friendship Farms to further its commitment to environmentally friendly farming, as well as to the ideal of re-establishing the connection between the producers of food and those who consume it. The various operations on the farm complement and support each other--all with the ultimate goal of marketing a food product which is both wholesome and delicious. This is accomplished by employing "organic" farming practices. For example, paper and cardboard waste from the bakery are recycled as animal bedding and composted with the manure. Unsold bread is ground and mixed with grain and fed to the cattle. Bread and grain supplements the grass on which the cattle graze, producing a superior quality beef product. Cattle are never treated with hormones, medicated or given treated feed or artificial supplements. They are born and raised on the farm, processed under USDA inspection, and sold by the side as well as by the cut from a display case in the bakery retail shop.

Although much of the land on Friendship FArm is devoted to cattle, hay and grain production, a significant portion is devoted to a native plant nursery. Specializing in containerized trees and shrubs native to Western Pennsylvania, the nursery was developed to produce plant stock for reforestation along stream banks and oher areas that are set aside for natural habitat. The farm sells its seedlings to conservation groups, city parks, farmers and individuals interested in beautifying and enhancing their property with trees that are naturally adapted to the region.

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