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Reinecker Ag Products

Adams County, Pennsylvania
Contact: David Reinecker
7270 Old Harrisburg Road, York Springs, PA 17372
Phone: (717) 528-8428

About Us:

Providing clean, fresh water to livestock in all weather conditions, with no or minimal electric usage, is critical to the health of livestock as well as to the financial health of any agricultural operation. As a distributor for Edstrom Industries' JUG livestock waters, earth tubes, Spray Cool Systems, Freeze Guard waterers for hogs, pigs, dogs, and smaller animals (formerly made by Noland, Inc.), and all associated parts, Reinecker Ag Products is able to meet these watering needs of most livestock farmers and ranchers in Pennsylvania!

Operating out of our own farm and home allows us to stock inventory without the overhead of a store, meaning high quality products at reasonable prices. Information about use, installation, and parts is available from us; we have over 20 years of experience in using, selling, and helping other farmers with these watering systems.

Reinecker Ag Products can connect you to a dealer for these watering products in your area, or products may be ordered directly from us; most equipment is may be shipped via USPS or UPS. If you would like to see these watering systems in use, we can also refer you to one of the many farms in Pennsylvania that have them installed for beef cattle, dairy cows, hogs and pigs, sheep, buffalo, horses, domestic deer, or llamas.

Additionally, we supply Pennsylvania with Comfort Stalls for pork producers. These movable farrowing crates and pens can be configured to your barn's space requirements, adding versitility to your operation, as well as increased comfort and health for your sows and pigs.

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7am - 9pm 
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  • Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale
  • Equipment - Dairy
  • Equipment - Farming
  • Equipment - Horses
  • Other
  • Supplies - Farming
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  • Supplies - Livestock


  • Animal Production
  • Dairy - Building Construction
  • Dog Kennel
  • Water Supply / Treatment



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