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Spring Valley Longhorns

Berks County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Linda or Jim Gould
Spring Valley Farm, 226 Lesher Mill Road, Mohrsville, PA 19541
Phone: (610) 488-7196

About Us:

We moved to our farm in Berks County in 1995 from Long Island, New York. We've always had horses and were very active in Team Penning. In 1997 we decided to get some cows of our own to work our horses on and to help eat down our long neglected pastures. I always loved longhorn cattle because of their magnificent horns, their variety of colors and their history. It was just a big plus when we researched them and found out they were very good browsers (they'll even eat down multiflower rose!), they're very hardy, easy calfers, and they have a gentle nature.

We were thrilled with our first cattle. Then in 1999 we decided to get into better stock and made the move to Registered Texas Longhorns.

We have breeding stock as well as sport stock - roping, cutting, team penning etc. for sale.

We also sell cattle for butchering. Longhorn meat is naturally lean and more healthy for you besides being mighty tasty! We do not use any implants or steriods in our animals.

We've even sold stock for pets. They're the Ultimate Western Lawn Ornament!

On occasion we also have some lambs as well as older sheep for sale from our small flock. We use them to mow where the cattle and horses don't get to and to train my herding dogs (Aussies and Border Collies).

If you're in the market for some cattle or just want to come by for a visit we'll be glad to show you around. Just call first to be sure we're home.

We look forward to meeting you!

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