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Bromm's Lullaby Farm

Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Fred Bromm
5125 Rt.313(Swamp Rd.), Fountainville, PA 18923
Phone: (215) 345-4804
Facebook page:

About Us:

Bromm's Lullaby Farm is a family owned business that has experienced considerable growth over the last few years. Our company is divided into three main categories consisting of Sod production and sales, Greenhouse and Nursery operation , and our Garden Center. Our sod is grown pimarily in Bucks County, PA with the recent addition of our farm in Jersey Shore, PA to supplement sod production. We sell sod to both contractors and homeowners and also offer installation for any size job from homes to schools. In our greenhouses we grow annuals and perennials and sell to landscapers and contractors as well as supply our Garden Center. Our Garden Center offers a large variety of plant material along with an extensive variety of trees and shrubs. Mulch, topsoil, fertilizers, tools, and any other supplies you may need are also available either from our Garden Center or our new Contractor Store. We also offer delivery service for everything we sell. In addition, farm and construction equipment repair is available at Bromm's. We have special events at the farm throughout the year and during both the fall and Christmas seasons and offer cut as well as live Christmas trees. Please stop by and visit. We'd love to see you.

Bromms Lullaby Farm
1825 River Rd.
Jersey Shore, PA 17740
(SOD only Location)

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Business Hours:

9 - 5 
9 - 5 
9 - 5 
9 - 5 
9 - 6 
9 - 6 
10 - 5 

Open all year. Please call for winter hours. 

Classification of Business:


  • Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale
  • Christmas Trees
  • Farm Stand
  • Garden Center
  • Greenhouse
  • Nursery
  • Turfgrass - Sod


  • Entertainment - Hay Rides
  • Equipment - Maintenance
  • Horticulture
  • Landscape Contracting
  • Other
  • Turfgrass - Commercial
  • Turfgrass - Residential


Flowers And Foliage

  • Annuals
  • Bedding / Garden Plants (Flats)
  • Bedding / Garden Plants (Hanging Basket)
  • Bedding / Garden Plants (Potted)
  • Nursery Plants
  • Perennials
  • Potted Flowering Plants
  • Small Shrubs

Plant Products

  • Christmas Wreaths & Trimmings
  • Corn Stalks - Decorative Use

Soil Products

  • Soil Additives

Trees & Shrubs

  • Christmas Trees - Live
  • Holly Trees
  • Ornamental / Landscaping

Trees & Shrubs

  • Christmas Trees - Cut


  • Fertilizer
  • Sod


  • Herbs

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