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Best Angle Tree Stakes

Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Clarence R. Wentzler
205 Lycoming Mall Rd, Pennsdale, PA 17756
Phone: (570) 546-5571

About Us:

Best Angle Tree Stakes, Inc. offers a full line of high-carbon rail steel stakes used for supporting trees and plants. We are a horticultural supply company specializing in fruit tree support.

As the owners and operators of a 400 acre orchard, we have over 30 years of knowledge in commercial tree support and production systems. Our knowledge includes experimentation with a variety of tree support systems, such as bamboo, conduit, wood, and wire; All of which proved unacceptable for one reason or another. Recognizing a need for an improved tree support system, we developed a tree stake made from high carbon rail steel. The stakes are made from railroad T-rails, which are a recycled product originally made to withstand the weight of loaded trains! These T-rails are heated, slit into three pieces, and then rolled into angles. Once reheated and rolled, the dense grain structure of the original T-rail becomes even denser, giving the steel a greater strength-to-weight ratio. High-carbon rail steel has a tremendous tensile strength: at least 80,000 psi.

After realizing the tremendous improvement in the support process, we decided to offer the product to other growers under the trademark name of Best Angle Tree Stakes. Best Angle Tree Stakes can handle heavy loads. They will support your heavy crops; they will withstand high winds. Do not be fooled by cold-formed steel products that may look similar. Standard low-carbon cold formed angles do not have comparable strength, and they will deteriorate rapidly. Nothing compares to the strength and longevity of high carbon rail steel.

Our stakes are formed into the familiar shape of angle iron. We offer very small angles, 3/4" x 3/4", up to very large and  super strong angles of 2" x 1-1/2". In addition, fabrication on a Best Angle stake allows almost all tying materials (such as plastic-chain ties, twines, bands, tubings, and wires) to be used in a quicker and more effective way.  The hole sizes and shapes in the stake permit the tying materials to be easily attached to the stake; The tree does not need to be pressed against the stake, thereby promoting more limb and leaf development, as well as reducing rub damage. Our fabricated stakes have a large numbers of holes that provide support points exactly where you need it. During installation, the hole placements allow installation to a uniform depth by providing depth markers.

Best Angle Tree Stakes are supporting over one million trees in 31 U.S. states!

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