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Sunny Harvest, LLC

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
1851 Noble Road, PO Box 38, Kirkwood, PA 17536
Phone: (484) 433-4636
Website: Coming, Soon!,
Fall Root Crops

Fall Root Crops

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About Us:

Sunny Harvest, LLC is a locally owned and operated growing co-op located in Kirkwood, Lancaster County, PA. In additional to commercial refrigeration, quick chilling equipment (used for Broccoli) is located on site at the facility located at the corner of Noble Road and Route 472 in Lancaster County, PA.

Started by several Amish farmers as a way to better market and sell their produce from a central location, there are now over twenty small family farm members from the plain communities in Chester and Lancaster counties.

Hand cultivated produce from farms across the area provide locally grown, healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables to wholesalers, restaurants, grocery retailers, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) organizations and others throughout PA, DC, DE, MD, NJ, and NY.

Family Farm Fresh produce is grown using traditional and conventional agricultural cultivation practices. All members are GAP certified.

Seasonally grown fresh picked produce includes: 70+ types and varieties of diversified vegetables, small fruits, greens, herbs, and fresh cut flowers & bouquets. Future offerings will include, cheese, drinkable yogurt, eggs, and handmade family farm products.

‘Family Farm Fresh' is the cornerstone of the co-ops mission to support member farms in sustaining the plain communities' centuries old farming traditions today, and for future generations to come.

For additional information email:

Website coming soon!

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Business Hours:

Open Daily 
Open Daily 
Open Daily 
Open Daily 
Open Daily 
Daily in Season 

Early Spring  - Late Fall 
Root Crops Available in Winter 

Classification of Business:


  • Ag Products - Wholesale Only


  • Fruit & Vegetable Grower




  • Canteloupes - Fresh Market
  • Melons - Fresh Market


  • Asparagus - Fresh Market
  • Beans - Fresh Market
  • Beets - Fresh Market
  • Brussels Sprouts - Fresh Market
  • Cabbage - Fresh Market
  • Corn - Sweet
  • Cucumbers - Fresh Market
  • Eggplant - Other
  • Garlic
  • Herbs
  • Kale - Fresh Market
  • Onions - Other
  • Peas
  • Peppers - Fresh Market
  • Potatoes - Fresh Market
  • Pumpkins - Fresh Market
  • Spinach - Fresh Market
  • Squash - Fresh Market
  • Tomatoes - Fresh Market
  • Zucchini - Fresh Market

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