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Sym Soil Inc.

Sonoma County, California
Contact: Elizabeth Pearce
529 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Phone: (415) 595-4784
Facebook page:

About Us:

SymSoil is a soil health company.

The team at SymSoil has over 30 years of experience improving soil, closing the biological and ecological gaps left by conventional agriculture. Inspired by Dr Elaine Ingham, the SymSoil team has members trained in Korean Natural Farming (KNF), Soil Food Web, Permaculture, and other composting traditions. Some members of the team have manufactured and applied biochar.

This biologically enhanced compost, like humus, dramatically improves nutrient availability, soil porosity and water retention. It is based on wild microbes farmed from locations in Sonoma, Mendocino, Santa Cruz, Marin and Solano Counties.

SymSoil™ is a Robust Compost
We hesitate to refer to SymSoil™ as compost because it doesn't begin to describe what this material does. We have struggled to come up with a better word for this biologically enhanced, specially cultivated, dense with organic acids and nutrients. We've considered a number of terms other than the word compost, and have concluded that nothing else that expresses everything this product is.

In a word, it is SymSoil.

Available in buckets, bulk or by truckload.

Other Products available: Activated Biochar, Compost Teabags, Fungal Substrate (SymSoil blend of fungi strains, includes EMOs and IMOs)


Soil Testing Available

Preliminary biomass reading
Basic Biology Assessment (Bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa & Nematodes)
Total Biology Assessment (Basic biology + Ciliates, Actinobacteria, & Oomycetes)
Consulting by phone or in person

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