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FlockWorks - Guided Goat Grazing

Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Bruce Bradford
PO Box 207, 11777 , Roxbury, PA 17251
Phone: (717) 417-8683
Facebook page:

About Us:

FlockWorks - Guided Goat Grazing.

We bring goats to your property to help control and manage land of excess and unwanted vegetation. Goats are especially well suited for the task as they eat a broader range of vegetation than any other domesticated livestock. They pass a very low percentage of seeds through their system as viable - meaning, most of the seeds that they eat do not become new plants.

Some of the advantages of using goats:

> Frenziedly ot the environment.
> Reduce or eliminate the need for chemicals.
> Reduce or eliminate the need for burning and the risk fire and pollution.
> Much quieter than equipment and less soil damage.
> Goats fertilize the soil as they go.

Some of the services we offer:

> Pasture restoration
> Poison ivy, oak and sumac management
> Natural control of invasive species, including poison ivy.
> Fuel load reduction for wildfire prevention.
> Seeding services utilizing the goats natural patterns.
> Insect (tick) reduction with fowl - chickens and guineas.

FlockWorks works in rural, suburban and urban settings for private landowners, municipalities, farmers (think hedgerows), golf courses and more. We serve the Cumberland Valley of South Central PA and are based out of Roxbury. Our main service area is a 45 minute driving distance from Roxbury, but some jobs we may travel further under the right circumstances.

FlockWorks utilizes Pennsylvania made electric net fencing (Thanks Kencove!) to move the goats from paddock to paddock, often with two successive herds to get the most clearing. We also offer cutting of woody matter left behind by the goats as an option.

All of our goats are friendly to various degrees and we use many of them in our portable petting zoo. You can have the option to interact with them at your job as well in many cases.

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Business Hours:

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Goat rental offered year-round, but grazing for management is most effective during growing season. 

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