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Chester County, Pennsylvania
Contact: H Grant Troop
PO Box 85, Oxford, PA 19363
Phone: (717) 278-7794
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About Us:

AgXplore is a "Soil Health and High Yield Plant Nutrition" company providing "Tomorrow's Science for Today's Yield". AgXplore products are designed to enhance plant growth and maintain crops in excellent condition. AgXplore Crop Max High Yield Programs are formulated to keep plants "Primed for Performance". Crop Max Programs for all crops and are available upon request. Using the AgXplore Crop Max Programs allows you to harness the potential for very high yields and superior crop quality. The goal in using AgXplore products is to grow high yield crops and to reduce the cost per unit produced.

AgXplore provides Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash Management Aids to increase nutrient availability and plant uptake while significantly reducing environmental loss. Nitrogen management aids include ContaiN Max (NZONE Max + NBPT + microbes) for urea, UAN & manure, NZONE Max for urea, UAN & manure, NZONE GL for anhydrous ammonia, UAN & manure and. These products are designed to improve nitrogen use efficiency. Prevent is used to improve phosphorus use efficiency by reducing P fixation with soil minerals, releasing fixed P in the soil and increasing P uptake by the plant. High levels of available phosphorus during the plant establishment stage and during reproduction are critical for high yields. MicroCoat, micro mix, is designed for dry granular potash, MAP & DAP.

AgXplore provides Multi-Component Plant Nutrient Blends designed to enhance the condition of the plant. Plants that are in excellent condition with reduced stress will have the potential for the greatest yield. NutriPak 8-10-2 with mycorrhizae (seed treatment, in-furrow & foliar) during the establishment and vegetative stages followed with ValuPak 7-12-1 during the reproductive stage are keystone components of the AgXplore Crop Max Programs for all plants. Products for specific crops and/or crop stages, such as, CornScience, soySCIENCE, BorPak, microSTARTER, CalForce, StriKe 4-0-18-12S & NutraK 0-0-24 are used to keep the crop "Primed for Performance".

AgXplore supplies adjuvants (spray enhancers) to optimize the performance of fertilizers & pesticides. Combust, Blazin Fire & Synurgize are high quality liquid AMS replacements. Linke compatibility agent, LandLock deposition aid & Binde sticker have tremendous utility.

AgXplore Specialty Products include Ntensity 28-0-0 SRN, HumiFul, XPLODE wildlife defense, OnGuard EO, GroPak seed treatments, ELIMINATE slug bait &

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  • Vineyard Management - Viticulture


Soil Products

  • Biological
  • Soil Additives
  • Soil Nutrition
  • Sustainable


  • Fertilizer

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