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Old Time Farm

Mercer County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Shelly Oswald
1919 Harrisville Rd, Stoneboro, PA 16153
Phone: (724) 316-0148
Website: www.OldTime.Farm,
Facebook page:
100% Grass Fed Beef

100% Grass Fed Beef

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About Us:

Taste History with Old Time Farm!

Old Time Farm is dedicated to preserving the old fashioned, pre-industrial heritage breeds of livestock favored before agriculture developed into maximum output factories.

Old Time's Milking Devon Cattle, Partridge Chantecler Chickens and Standard Bronze Turkeys are true "Slow Foods”. The delicious flavor, nutrient density and texture that can only come with slow, natural growth has earned them each a spot on Slow Food International's Ark of Taste, the ultimate food lover's list of treasured foods worthy of special preservation.

Our cattle, turkeys and chickens are all carefully bred and born/hatched right here on farm. We sell hardy, high quality breeding stock, layers, hatching eggs and live chicks for your farm or homestead.

In addition, we sell artisan meats from our pasture-raised heritage chicken and turkey (non-GMO fed), 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, and rich, pasture-raised chicken and turkey eggs for your table.

Our farm also yields seasonal items like maple syrup, special foraged treats, and we create specially prepared Old Time food items and one-of-a-kind crafts.

Respect for the creatures in our care is of utmost importance. We strive to provide them with a low-stress, healthy, natural life and appropriate nutrition.

USDA SVS certified Grass-fed cattle
USDA inspected beef
Pa Dept of Ag Licensed and Registered Kitchen, warehouse, processing.
Servsafe Manager Certification.
American Poultry Association Certified Standard Bronze Turkey
American Association Certified Partridge Chantecler Chicken
AMDCA Regsitered American Milking Devon Cattle
Certified PA Preferred vendor
Beef Quality Assurance Certified

American Poultry Association
Chantecler Fanciers International
American Milking Devon Cattle Association
Livestock Conservancy
Pa Association for Sustainable Agriculture
Western PA Mushroom Club

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Business Hours:


year round  - year round 
On farm by appointment only. See website for delivery are and CSA 

Classification of Business:


  • Ag Products - Retail Only
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  • Farm Stand
  • Hatchery
  • Livestock
  • Meat Products


  • Animal Breeding
  • Animal Production
  • Genetic Animal Production
  • Genetics - Beef Stock
  • Genetics - Seed Stock
  • Maple Syrup Producer
  • Poultry - Facilities
  • Poultry - Management


Food Products

  • Baked Goods
  • Homemade Sauces
  • Jam
  • Jelly
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Specialty Foods


  • Cattle And Calves
  • Other

Maple Syrup

  • Fresh Market

Meat Products

  • Beef
  • Ground Beef
  • Other
  • Poultry - Dressed
  • Poultry - Live

Misc Animal Products

  • Poultry Feathers


  • Other

Plant Products

  • Christmas Wreaths & Trimmings
  • Pine Cones
  • Wreaths


  • Chickens - Broilers
  • Chickens - Layers
  • Eggs
  • Feathers
  • Other
  • Pullets
  • Turkeys - Heritage

Soil Products

  • Sustainable


  • Herbs
  • Other

Wood Products

  • Arts / Crafts
  • Bark

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