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Inn To The Seasons Specialties

Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Virginia & Bernard Jurkowski
Corner of Ayres & Dreste Road, 1333 Ayres Road, Canton, PA 17724
Phone: (570) 673-3955
Making friends with Nutmeg is easy!

Making friends with Nutmeg is easy!

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About Us:

Inn To The Seasons Specialties and our dairy goat farm are located in Canton PA, in the beautiful farm country of Bradford County. My wife Carol and I (Bernard) decided to call Canton our home in 1993. Our move inspired the ideas for our business and in 2004 these ideas were realized.

In my early years, I went to chef school and worked at several well known restaurants. I switched occupations after we were married to work in the sheet metal trade with my father. Eventually, I opened my own sheet metal, plumbing and heating business which I ran for 35 years. I always dreamed of returning to the culinary arts.

Prior to our move to PA, Carol and I and our 5 children lived on a farm in NJ. Our farm included goats, other livestock and a large vegetable and herbal garden. Dinner was always homegrown! Carol is a natural in the kitchen. She not only knows all the basics about preparing food but she has an uncanny sense about which herbs and spices are best suited with each recipe. This makes our partnership quite unique. She excels in combining flavors and textures while I am better at restaurant techniques, marketing and distribution. This combination of talents is very effective.

I am from a large Polish family Carol is from an even larger Italian family so naturally our heritage and love for goats have influenced our products. Our dream has always been to provide wonderful homemade products. Many people are unaware of the availability of goat milk products. We want to share that information with you and bring it to you "fresh from the farm".

Our main products come from goat milk. From this delicious and nutritious ingredient, we make Ricotta Cheese, Cheesecake, Manicotti, Blintzes, Lasagna, Giant Pierogi and Fudge. Our products do not stop with goat milk; we also have farm raised custom meat. From our beef and pork you can get delicious steaks, chops, roasts, ground beef, sausage and our homemade kielbasa.

Employees play an important role in any business, and here at Inn To The Seasons we are the employees. From the barn, to the store, we do it all.

Our objective, even before we started our business was to produce the best and most wholesome food for our own family. That philosophy has never changed. We consider our customers to be our extended family and our motto is "If it's not good enough for our family, then it's not good enough for yours".

Please call, wholesale and retail available.

Thank You

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Business Hours:

By appointment 
By appointment 
By appointment 
By appointment 
By appointment 
By appointment 
By appointment 

April through December  - January through March products made to order. 
Our store is located on our farm. We are here most of the time so please call for an appointment. 

Classification of Business:


  • School Tours


  • Ag Products - Retail / Wholesale
  • Farm Market
  • Farm Stand
  • Livestock
  • Meat Products


  • Animal Breeding
  • Animal Production
  • Food Processing



  • Assorted


  • Goat Cheese

Food Products

  • Baked Goods
  • Homemade Sauces
  • Specialty Foods


  • Cattle And Calves
  • Goats
  • Hogs And Pigs
  • Sheep And Lambs

Meat Products

  • Beef
  • Butcher Hogs
  • Goat
  • Ground Beef
  • Hams
  • Lamb
  • Pork
  • Roaster Pigs
  • Sausage

Misc Animal Products

  • Soaps


  • Eggs

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