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TeraVita LLC

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Contact: Erik Morgan
128 Weaver Road, Lancaster, PA 17603
Phone: (717) 291-7251

About Us:

TeraVita LLC is an international manufacturer of humates and humic acid products. Based on new production technologies we offer some of the highest quality humic substances in the world at the lowest prices.

Humic acids are essentially the "active ingredient" of soil humus and organic matter. Humic acids are extremely complex structures that perform many advanced tasks in soils and plants. They actively chelate nutrients for plant uptake, lock-up heavy metals, unlock insoluble phosphate bonds and make phosphorus available to plants, act as a food source for microorgansims, increase plant metabolism, structure water, promote proper soil structure, retain water in soils, and hold onto free nitrates and release them when needed to plants among countless other fucntions.

Science has not yet been able to replicate humic acids as they have been formed over millions of years under complex changes of temperatures and mositure. The highest quality deposits of the raw (unprocessed) material, which is called lignite, are only found in a dozen or so places throughout the world. Essentially, humates are peat moss further decomposed another million years.

Our products are used extensively by product formulators in the golf, tree, lawncare, greenhouse, and agricultural industries. However, our products are also available under the TeraVita brand name.

TeraVita does not sell to end users. TeraVita sells its humic substances to other formulators who then use their own product labels, or to distributors who wish to carry TeraVita branded products.

We are proud to work with the PA Deptartment of Environmental Protection and Delware Valley College on various projects to utilize the incredibly powerful properties of humates for improving agriculture and the environment.

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