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Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery

May/June 2004
Rick Day, Cheryl Keller, Eric Steele, Leah Waser

In today's highly competitive market, with so many costly marketing options, where can you showcase your business to hundreds of thousands of of people for free?

We hope AgMap will help small and large agricultural businesses market themselves.

No matter what agricultural products or services you are looking for, you will find it online at AgMap's homepage, AgMap is an internet Web site designed to promote agricultural businesses in Pennsylvania. The Web site allows consumers, producers and businesses to search for agricultural products and services offered within PA.

AgMap's purpose is to provide a direct marketing tool for agricultural businesses in Pennsylvania and to help build profitablity for the state's agricultural industry.

Over 1,100 businesses are currently enrolled in AgMap today and enrollment is growing rapidly. "We hope AgMap will help small and large agricultural businesses market themselves, and as a result, stay in business," says Rick Day, founder of AgMap. "With no middleman, sellers can price their products reasonably and maintain control over the marketing process. Buyers gain a better understanding of production and service by dealing directly with a place of business."

Promote, Market and Communicate

AgMap is a unique, free promotional tool that offers many services that traditional online marketing sites do not. Site statistics for each individual business listing reveal how many people have visited your listing and the number of seaches that have brought up your listing from the inception of your enrollment. As a business owner, you can update your business information at any time by logging into the secure AgMap Web site from any computer with internet access.

For market analysis, some businesses are using AgMap to determine the location of competitors and to find voids in services where new businesses might be successful. In addition to promoting the consumer-business relationship through advertising, AgMap also facilitates business-to-business partnerships among producers and service-providers. It provides a communications network among businesses, facilitating discussion about commonly encountered problems, management alternatives and more.

Continued Development of AgMap

Recent enhancements to the site include new and improved search capabilities and a free classified ad section. Future additions to the site include an educational module that will provide users with information about particular issues and items relevant to their interests, a support area for users needing assistance with enrollment, a mapping system that will print directions to your business and an online discussion forum.

For more information on how your business can be a part of AgMap, visit Questions and comments can be directed to Rick Day ( or Bob Neiderer ( or visit the AgMap Support page at


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